On Converse Bounds for Classical Communication Over Quantum Channels


We explore several new converse bounds for classical communication over quantum channels in both the one-shot and asymptotic regime. First, we show that the Matthews-Wehner meta-converse bound for entanglement-assisted classical communication can be achieved by activated, no-signalling assisted codes, suitably generalizing a result for classical channels. Second, we derive a new efficiently computable meta-converse on the amount of information unassisted codes can transmit over a single use of a quantum channel. As applications, we provide a finite resource analysis of classical communication over quantum erasure channels, including the second-order and moderate deviation asymptotics. Third, we explore the asymptotic analogue of our new meta-converse, the $Υ$-information of the channel. We show that its regularization is an upper bound on the capacity that is generally tighter than the entanglement-assisted capacity and other known efficiently computable strong converse bounds. For covariant channels, we show that the $Υ$-information is a strong converse bound.

IEEE Transactions on Information Theory